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ABB is adding more products to its range of direct replacement Emax 2 retrofit kits, making it easy and fast to connect a broader range of installed switchgear to its cloud-based ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS). 

Giampiero Frisio, managing director of ABB’s Smart Power business, said: “ABB is the leading name in digital power management solutions – and a lot of facilities are tuning into the benefits our solutions offer. There is nothing else quite like the Emax 2 direct replacement kit on the market. It plugs straight into older switchgear with no modifications to the connections and no retesting necessary, providing an immediate plug-and-play digital upgrade.” 

Direct replacement kits for Emax E1-2-3 IEC are now available, and E4-E6 IEC and UL installations will be available during 2019. With Emax 2 installed, facilities can access the cloud-based ABB AbilityTM EDCS platform, using it to monitor, optimize and control the electrical system. As a cloud-based solution, ABB is able to introduce continuous improvements to the algorithms and introduce additional functions. 

“Predictive Maintenance is the latest addition to the ABB AbilityTM EDCS,” added Frisio. “ABB AbilityTM algorithms use data from the Emax 2’s built-in sensors to accurately predict when maintenance is needed, putting an end to routine servicing tasks. Users are alerted to any relevant changes to the condition of their asset, so that action can be taken, before failures occur. As a result, power assets are more reliable and simpler to manage.” 

ABB’s unique EDCS can make operations up to 30 percent more efficient and productive, maximizing uptime for key processes. With plug-and-play modules that provide sensing and a direct connection to the cloud, ABB’s solution is fully scalable, enabling customers with multi-site operations to manage and supervise remote locations from anywhere. 

Massimo Paganoni, global service manager for ABB’s Smart Power business, said: “Simplicity is what makes ABB innovations so powerful. This gives facilities predictive maintenance without an overload of information. Users determine how often to receive updates on the health of key components, in addition to proactive alerts when action is required. A web app answers everything they need to know quickly and intuitively.” 

Users of the ABB AbilityTM EDCS can already allocate energy consumption and costs to specific assets to help them optimize power use. Data-driven insights and easy-to-action alerts are received via smartphone, tablet or PC. 

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