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Split Core Current Transformer KP-YCT-T24

  • Brand

    Henan Compere

  • Parameter

  • Rated current input(A)

    50~300A (50 100 150 200 300)

  • Rated current output mA/mV Customizable


  • Core dia


In the measurement of electric energy, some measurement loops cannot directly measure electrical parameters. In this environment, it is necessary to measure through the transformer.
The split core current transformer is designed for the electrical installation without disassembling and disconnecting the existing main bus or cable.
The secondary output 5A or 1A standard current signal matches the input port of the power meter’s measurement and control terminal. It’s applicable to electric power meter, switch cabinet, control cabinet and other power measurement and control equipment.

  • Open and close installation, good consistency
  • Good linearity and high sensitivity
  • Good stability, light weight, easy to install