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Blast furnace technologies and know-how, meeting the highest demands of performance, reliabilty and environmental compatibility. 

HANOI CAT has provided blast furnace engineering, project excellence and expertise world-wide for over a century. Our technologies cover the entire blast furnace process route from raw materials to clean gas and hot metal / slag processing. Our capabilities include feasibility and process studies, a wide range of technical products and solutions, environmental, CO2 and energy saving answers, automation systems, and the ability to execute the full range of project models. This capability forms the basis for successful project completion and start-up, for the complete range of solutions from small to ultra-large blast furnaces. 


Sequence Impulse Process 

 The latest in blast furnace technology reduces CO2 emissions, improves productivity, and provides significant operating cost savings. The process, in conjunction with existing pulverized coal injection, repurposes oxygen directly into the tuyeres by sending high energy, supersonic pulses deep into the raceway. Char materials which accumulate and block the ’dead-man’ are cleaned as a result. This leads to improved gas distribution and utilization as well as better drainage. Overall, lower fuel rate is achieved alongside an increased PCI rate and lower CO2 emissions. 

Furnace Cooling 

Our references include both plate-cooled and stave-cooled solutions. 

Our stave-cooled solution utilizes copper and cast iron staves reducing the requirement for a large quantity of refractory to be utilized in the furnace stack. Unique anti-bend and anti-wear innovations ensure operators enjoy a problem free, long life, furnace cooling solution. 

Hot blast systems 

Our technology portfolio covers Internal and External Combustion Chamber Stoves as well as Top-Fired Burner variants. Customers have benefited from our experience of over 200 hot blast system installations over the last 20 years providing the optimized hot blast conditions, whilst minimising the overall fuel consumption. Our capability ranges from small assessment studies and repairs (including hot work) through to the supply of stoves on a full turnkey basis. Energy saving tuyere stocks ensure safe, efficient supply of hot blast to the furnace. 

Gas Cleaning 

Our complete portfolio offers both wet and dry (Merim) gas cleaning solutions, providing optimized gas cleaning with the potential to maximize energy recovery at the TRT. Our cyclone solution offers variable efficiency to aid management of dry dusts within your plant. 

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